Our Organization


President – John Myers
Business Manager – Kay Mack

Board of Directors:
Lynne Beautrow
Wendy Koeppl
Jay Parker
Helene Myers
Frank White

We’d also like to recognize

Attorney – I. J. Longetieg
Certified Public Accountant – Dean Hahn (Hahn and Associates)
Awards Engraving – Artsmith’s Jewelry
Awards Picnic – Jim & Wendy Koeppl, John Myers
Box Office Manager – Carolle Skov
Box Office Assistant – Sarah Church
Building and Grounds – Jim Anderson, Jim Koeppl, John Myers
Building Fund – Joe Posluszny
Building Maintenance – PDT Maintenance
Business Manager – Kay Mack
Courtesies – Nancy Suiter
Greenroom Gazette Editor- Lynne Beautrow
Historian – Connie Behee
Librarian – Joanna Marshall
Light/Sound/Stage Equipment – John Myers
Lobby Displays – Jo-Ann Jones
Lobby Posters – Sarah Church
Makeup & Hair – Jessica Staggs
Marketing – Bradley Campbell, Sarah Church, Autumn Kersey, Erin Van Engelen
Master Carpenter – Jim Anderson
Meeting Refreshments – Barbara Beautrow
Membership Chair – Joanna Marshall
Photographer – Paul Budge
Photographer Headshots – Fine Art Photography
Programs – Larry Dennis, Autumn Kersey
Publicity Chair – Autumn Kersey
Scholarship Chairperson- Nancy Shankweiler
Script Committee Chair – Wendy Koeppl
Season Brochure – Autumn Kersey
Secretary/Board – Barbara Beautrow
Sound – Larry Dennis
Supervising Director – Wendy Koeppl
Supervising House Manager – Sarah Church
Supervising Prop Master- Gary Miller
Supervising Stage Manager – Jay Parker
Wardrobe Assistant – Cheryl Blauer
Wardrobe Mistresses- Elizabeth Greeley & Lynda Snodgrass
Web Maintenance – Sarah Church
Wigs – Autumn Kersey

Our Partners and Friends

Boise Parks & Recreation
Knock ‘Em Dead Dinner Theater
Prairie Dog Playhouse
Stage Coach Theater
Theater Boise
Treasure Valley Children’s Theater

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