Audition Notes

Our shows are usually about a 3-month commitment from audition to strike. The rehearsal schedule is up to the director, but typically, most people involved in our community theater are not free until after 5 pm. We usually reserve the weekends for building/painting the set and run rehearsals Monday through Friday from 7-9:00 pm, but that is up to the director. Some directors may group together scenes with the same characters in them and only call the actors in those scenes to rehearse. So, depending on your part, you could be at fewer rehearsals or be called to come in later than 7:00 pm or leave before 9:00 pm, etc. However, some directors ask the whole cast to be there the whole time. Directors might give you a calendar of rehearsals that is subject to change. Our advice is to show up for auditions with your calendar of conflicts (class/work schedule, dentist appointments, friend’s wedding, etc.) and check the audition sheet. Typically, the form you fill out lists the show’s performance dates (which are mandatory since we don’t usually use understudies/swings) and gives you a general idea of when that director is expecting to hold rehearsals. We realize this is a lot of “usually” and “typically,” but hopefully, that gives you a better idea of what kind of time commitment to expect when doing a show at Boise Little Theater. Thank you for your interest in creating theater with us!


The Book of Will
by Lauren Gunderson  
Director – Paul Archibeque
Aug. 27-Sept. 11, 2021
(Comedy/Drama; Ages 13+ language)
Auditions were held June 13 & 14, 2020. BLT welcomes back the cast for Season 74:
  • Bradley Campbell: Henry Condell
  • Justin Tharpe: John Heminges
  • Curtis Ransom: Richard Burbage/William Jaggard/Horatio
  • Courtney Ransom: Elizabeth Condell/Fruit Seller/Marcellus
  • Diana Holdridge: Rebecca Heminges/Anne Hathaway/Emilia Bassano Lanier
  • Darin Vickery: Ralph Crane/Barman/Compositor/Francisco
  • Suzi Kromer: Alice Heminges/Susannah Shakespeare
  • David Ybarra: Ed Knight/Isaac Jaggard
  • Isaac Green: Marcus/Boy Hamlet/Crier/Bernardo
  • Jonathan Perry: Ben Jonson/Barman 2/Sir Edward Dering

Heathers: The Musical
by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe
Director – Todd Ryan King
Choreographer – Katie Shuter Rompala
Musical Director – Decker Hinckley
Oct. 8-30, 2021
(Musical Dark Comedy; Ages 13+ strong language, alcohol, drugs, gunshots/gun violence, and intense adult themes such as suicide, murder, sexual acts)
Auditions TBA here as soon as they are set.

Matilda the Musical
Book by Dennis Kelly, Music & Lyrics by Tim Minchin
Director – Patti Finley
Nov. 26-Dec. 18, 2021
(Musical; All ages)
Auditions TBA here as soon as they are set.

Noises Off
by Michael Frayn
Director – Jeanna Vickery
Jan. 21-Feb. 5, 2022
(Farce; Ages 13+, language, adult situations)
Auditions TBA here as soon as they are set.

These Shining Lives
by Melanie Marnich
Director – Sarah Wright
Mar. 11-26, 2022
(Drama; Ages 13+)
Auditions TBA here as soon as they are set.

God of Carnage
by Yasmina Reza
Director – Bradley Campbell
Apr. 22-May 7, 2022
(Dramatic Comedy; Ages 13+)
Auditions TBA here as soon as they are set.

by Matt Cox
Director – Katie Shuter Rompala
Jun. 3-18, 2022
(Comedy; Ages 13+ rude/dark humor, language)
Auditions TBA here as soon as they are set.

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