Interested in tech at BLT? We need vaccinated crew members! Join us Monday, May 16 at 7:00 pm for BLT’s next general business meeting at the theater, and let us know what you’re interested in doing. We really couldn’t do it without our technicians!

Please Note: Boise Little Theater’s board of directors has decided that all production participants (cast & crew) must be fully vaccinated (according to then-current CDC guidelines) before auditions are held.

What to expect:

Our shows are usually about a 3-month commitment from audition to strike. The rehearsal schedule is up to the director, but since many people involved in our community theater are not free until after work, we usually run rehearsals Mon-Fri from 7-9:00 pm and build/paint the set on weekends. Directors might ask the whole cast to rehearse the whole time, or group scenes with the same characters in them (called “French scenes”) and only call the actors in those scenes to rehearse. Directors may give you a calendar of rehearsals that is subject to change. Our advice is to show up for auditions with your calendar of conflicts (class/work schedule, dentist appointments, friend’s wedding, etc.) and check the audition sheet. Often, the form you fill out lists the show’s performance dates (which are mandatory since we don’t usually use understudies/swings) and gives you a general idea of when that director is expecting to hold rehearsals. We realize this is a lot of generalization but hopefully, it gives you an idea of the time commitment expected when doing a show at Boise Little Theater. Thank you for your interest in creating theater with us!

OZ! A Musical
Based on the Story of L.Frank Baum
by Tim Kelly
Music and Lyrics by Bill Francoeur
Director – Sarah Church Carroll
Plays July 15 & 16 at 7:30 pm, July 17 at 2:00 pm, July 21 & 22 at 7:30 pm, and July 23 at 2:00 pm.

Cast List

  • Dorothy: Eloisa Harper
  • Dorothy (understudy)/Ensemble: Eliza Fors
  • Glinda: Morgan Kelly
  • Wicked Witch: Ky Barber-Ash
  • Scarecrow: Zeke Griffin
  • Tin Woodsman: Gavin Lee
  • Lion: Owen Toledo
  • Oz: Jack Thompson
  • Ensemble Emilia Anders
  • Ensemble Julia Anders
  • Ensemble Micaela Anders
  • Toq: Violet Deidrick
  • Ensemble Michael Titmus
  • Ensemble Ember Titmus
  • Guardian 1: Renee LeVasseur
  • Guardian 2: Cierra Knapp
  • Ensemble: Maisie McCaleb
  • Ensemble: Lulu Dahlquist Egbert
  • China Princess: Camille Wilcox
  • Ensemble: Hanna Wallin
  • Boq: Paddy Chase
  • Loq: Ryan Schwider
  • Aunt Em: Sacha Falcone
  • Ensemble: Addison Kostelec
  • Ensemble: Ruby Roecker
  • Ensemble: Hanna Levasseur
  • Ensemble: Madeleine Brown
  • Ensemble: Adeline Glover
  • Ensemble: Katelyn Giffen
  • Ensemble: Clara Bay
  • Ensemble: Aiden LaFluer


Twelfth Night or What You Will
by William Shakespeare
Directed by Diana Holdridge
Plays Sept. 2-17, 2022
(Comedy/Drama; Ages 13+ language)
Auditions on June 4 from 11 am-4 pm & June 5 from 5:30 pm-6:30 pm by appointment only.
#DirectorDiana opens our Diamond Anniversary Season with Shakespeare’s “Twelfth Night!”
Auditions will be cold readings from the script in the BLT greenroom. All roles are open. Please be very familiar with “Twelfth Night” before arriving at auditions. Auditions will be held on Saturday, June 4th from 11 am-4 pm, and Sunday, June 5th from 5:30 pm-6:30 pm (and callbacks if needed on Sunday, June 5th from 7 pm-8 pm). Rehearsals will start on July 18th.
Summary: A shipwreck starts the play. Viola washes ashore in the topsy turvy world of Illyria (and thinks her brother Sebastian is lost). She determines to survive on her own and explore this new land. Illyria is a place filled with eccentrics and romantics! That is how it seems to Viola, who has entered this merry world. Disguised as a boy and employed by Count Orsino (who she falls madly in love with), she quickly becomes the object of desire to Olivia, who Orsino has sent her to woo. She and everyone else in Illyria will be bewitched, bothered, and very bewildered before everything is finally and very happily sorted out!

Irving Berlin’s White Christmas
Book by David Ives and Paul Blake
Directed by Wendy Koeppl
Plays Nov. 25-Dec. 17, 2022
(Musical; All Ages)
Auditions on August 6 & 7, 2022
The show that won SIX Beulah Awards in Season 63 for Best Costumes, Best Lighting Design, Best Properties, Best Supporting Actor, Best Director, and Best Production of the Year: Irvin Berlin’s White Christmas!

These auditions have already happened.

The Book of Will
by Lauren Gunderson
Director – Paul Archibeque
Plays Aug. 27-Sept. 11, 2021
(Comedy/Drama; Ages 13+ language)
Auditions were held June 13 & 14, 2020. BLT welcomes back the cast and is grateful for some additions for Season 74:
  • Bradley Campbell: Henry Condell
  • Justin Tharpe: John Heminges
  • Curtis Ransom: Richard Burbage/William Jaggard
  • Dena Ruffalo: Elizabeth Condell
  • Diana Holdridge: Rebecca Heminges/Anne Hathaway/Emilia Bassano Lanier
  • Darin Vickery: Ralph Crane/Barman/Compositor/Francisco
  • Suzi Kromer: Alice Heminges/Susannah Shakespeare
  • David Ybarra: Ed Knight/Isaac Jaggard
  • Isaac Green: Marcus/Boy Hamlet/Crier/Bernardo
  • Jonathan Perry: Ben Jonson/Barman 2/Sir Edward Dering
  • Hunter Davila: Crier/Horatio/Ensemble
  • McKinli Lewis: Fruit Seller/Marcellus/Ensemble

Heathers: The Musical
by Kevin Murphy and Laurence O’Keefe
Director – Todd Ryan King
Choreographer – Katie Shuter Rompala
Musical Director – Decker Hinckley
Plays Oct. 8-30, 2021
(Musical Dark Comedy; Ages 13+ strong language, alcohol, drugs, gunshots/gun violence, and intense adult themes such as suicide, murder, sexual acts)
Auditions were held Saturday, Aug. 7th, 2-7 pm at BLT.
Cast List:
  • Abby Price – Veronica Sawyer
  • Nicholas Lanza – Jason Dean
  • Alissa Shirts – Heather Chandler
  • Brooklynn Blair – Heather McNamara
  • Taylor Vickers – Heather Duke
  • Jewels Love – Martha Dunstock
  • Christian Grey – Kurt Kelly
  • Doug Clemens – Kurt’s Dad
  • Maximiliano Juarez – Ram Sweeney
  • Stephen McKinney – Ram’s Dad
  • Brynn LaFluer – Miss Fleming
  • Annie McKinney – Adult Ensemble
  • Fran King – Adult Ensemble
  • Cami Nichols – Ensemble
  • Demetri Ruiz – Ensemble
  • Emily Blosser – Ensemble
  • Emily Zander – Ensemble
  • Evencio Bahena – Ensemble
  • Garrett Ryan – Ensemble
  • Houston Nye – Ensemble
  • Jaycie Blair – Ensemble
  • Kastin Corsi – Ensemble
  • Katy Knight – Ensemble
  • Madison Casteel – Ensemble
  • Nola Patrick – Ensemble

Matilda the Musical
Book by Dennis Kelly, Music & Lyrics by Tim Minchin
Director – Patti Finley
Assistant Director – Greg Finley
Music Director – JeNeale Hill
Choreographer – Shannon Peterson
(Musical; All ages)
Auditions were held Sat. 8/28 & Sun. 8/29, 2021
  • Matilda – Lily Welcker & Amelia Kane
  • Miss Agatha Trunchbull – Gregg Irwin
  • Miss Honey – Maren McCaleb
  • Mr. Wormwood – Dave Falcone
  • Mrs. Wormwood – Jodi Falcone
  • Michael Wormwood – Gavin Lee
  • Mrs. Phelps – Hannah Metzger
  • Children’s Entertainer/Rudolpho/Escapologist – James Debenham
  • Acrobat – Kaelyn Rogers
  • Nurse/Cook – Marnie Thompson
  • Sergi – Michael Acosta
  • Henchman/ Parent – Drenia Acosta
  • Henchman/ Parent – Steven Hancock
  • Doctor – Greg Finley
  • Parent – Nikki Wesselman
  • Parent – Juliet Hansen
  • Adult Ensemble/Mom – Katey Schwind Williams
Little Kids:
  • Aiden LaFluer – Bruce
  • Addee Allred – Lavender
  • Greyson Davio – Nigel
  • Ryan Schwider – Eric
  • Madeleine Brown – Amanda
  • Izzy Martin – Alice
  • Jacey Wilkinson – Hortensia
  • Adeline Glover – Tommie
Big Kids:
    • Jack Thompson
    • Savannah Thompson
    • Sacha Falcone
    • Micaela Anders
    • Julia Anders
    • Thomas Duff
    • Ruby Roecker
    • Emilia Anders
    • Ann Snelgrove
    • Cyrus Santos-Owens
    • Maisie McCaleb
    • Asher Berezniy

Noises Off
by Michael Frayn
Director – Jeanna Vickery
Plays Jan. 21-Feb. 5, 2022
(Farce; Ages 13+, language, adult situations)
Auditions were held Saturday, October 16th & Saturday, October 23rd at BLT.
Cast List (in order of appearance):
  • Patti O’Hara as Dotty Otley
  • Darin Vickery as Lloyd Dallas
  • Rob Love as Garry Lejeune
  • Jake Atkinson as Frederick Fellows
  • Katie Shuter Rompala as Belinda Blair
  • Shannon Peterson as Brooke Ashton
  • Heather Lyon as Poppy Norton-Taylor
  • Paul Jefferies as Selsdon Mowbray
  • Cameron Uli as Tim Algood

These Shining Lives
by Melanie Marnich
Director – Sarah Wright
Plays Mar. 11-26, 2022
(Drama; Ages 13+)
BLT welcomes back the cast and is grateful for some additions for Season 74.
Cast List:
  • Catherine – Katie Shuter Rompala
  • Frances – Christina Ivey
  • Charlotte – Nikki Saxton
  • Pearl – Sam Hansen
  • Tom – Rob Love
  • Mr. Reed – Gregg Irwin
  • Dr. Dalitsch – David Ybarra

God of Carnage
by Yasmina Reza
Translated by Christopher Hampton
Director – Bradley Campbell
Plays Apr. 22-May 7, 2022
(Dramatic Comedy; Ages 13+)
Auditions were held on February 19 & 20, 2022 at BLT.
Cast List:
    • Alan – Paul Jefferies
    • Annette – Nova Calverley-Chase
    • Michael – Christian Grey
    • Veronica – Dena Ruffalo

by Matt Cox
Director – Katie Shuter Rompala
Plays Jun. 3-18, 2022
(Comedy; Ages 13+ rude/dark humor, language)
Auditions were held April 2 & 3, 2022 at BLT.

Cast List:

Wayne Hopkins – Jordan Peterson
Megan Jones – Nola Patrick
Oliver Rivers – Rhys Vickers
Narrator – Christian Grey
Cedric/Mr. Voldy – Nico Lanza
Ernie Mac/Zach Smith – Jake Atkinson
J Finch/Zach Smith – Rob Love
Hannah – Brynn LaFluer
Susie Bones – Heather Lyon
Sally Perks – Ann Snelgrove
Leanne – Karli Royer
Puffs/Assorted Roles
Sarah Wright
Emily Zander
Stephen McKinney
Maximiliano Juarez

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