About Our Organization

Boise Little Theater (BLT) uses theatre arts to enrich lives in our community by presenting different perspectives to promote empathy, and by encouraging laughter, critical thinking, physical activity, and fellowship.

Prior to the pandemic, our organization had served our Treasure Valley for 72 years providing up to 7 shows a season plus one production with young adults in conjunction with Boise Parks and Recreation. In a typical season, over 12,000 people attended shows at Boise Little Theater. Spreading awareness of our nonprofit status and reliance on ticket sales is key for our growth. Of course, donations and alternative revenue sources are vital to our organization now, but so is greater community involvement.

Theater is about relationships. Our art elicits empathy, asks for reflection, expects change, and requires cooperation. Theater is for everyone.

Our Organization

  • Darin Vickery
Business Manager:
  • Patti Finley
Board of Directors:
  • Paul Archibeque
  • Kim Carter-Cram
  • Jillian Durrant
  • Jonathan Perry
  • Elizabeth Greeley
  • Katie Shuter Rompala
We’d also like to recognize:
  • Attorney – Glenda Talbutt
  • Awards Engraving – Artsmith’s Jewelry
  • Awards Picnic – Jim & Wendy Koeppl, John Myers
  • Box Office Manager – Kelliey Chavez
  • Box Office Staff – Tristan Berg, Sarah Church Carroll
  • Building and Grounds – Jim Anderson, Jim Koeppl, John Myers
  • Building Fund –
  • Business Manager – Patti Finley
  • Certified Public Accountant – Dean Hahn (Hahn and Associates)
  • Courtesies – Nancy Suiter
  • Director of Marketing & Community Relations –
  • Greenroom Gazette Editor – Elizabeth Greeley
  • Historian – Joanna Marshall
  • Librarian – Joanna Marshall
  • Light/Sound/Stage Equipment – John Myers
  • Lobby Displays – Jo-Ann Jones
  • Lobby Posters –
  • Makeup – Shirley Blauer
  • Master Carpenter – Jim Anderson
  • Meeting Refreshments – Jay Parker, Gary Miller
  • Membership Chair – Helene Myers
  • Photographer, Headshots – Steve Strickland, Strictly Photography
  • Programs –
  • Scholarship Chairperson – Nancy Shankweiler
  • Script Committee Chair – Katie Shuter Rompala
  • Season Brochure –
  • Secretary/Board – Sam Hansen
  • Secretary – Dianna Hite-Smith
  • Supervising Director – Paul Archibeque
  • Supervising House Manager – Sarah Church Carroll
  • Supervising Prop Master – Gary Miller
  • Supervising Stage Manager – Jay Parker
  • Wardrobe Assistant – Cheryl Blauer
  • Wardrobe Mistresses – Elizabeth Greeley, Lynda Snodgrass
  • Website Maintenance –

Our Partners and Friends

Boise Parks and Recreation

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Treasure Valley Children's theater

Opal Theatre Company

Stage Coach Theatre